Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Disa & Mike Wedding Preview

Disa and Mike are a great couple who are truly in love.  This couple sure has a story to tell their kids…well 2 actually.  First off, the Monday before the wedding day (on Saturday) Mike was taken to the Emergency Unit and hospitalized.  It turns out it was his appendix and it had to be removed.  Well Mike was not released from the hospital until Friday night…the night BEFORE the wedding.  Saturday was a beautiful day and Disa was regretting not having her ceremony outside as originally planned, turns out it was one of the best decisions taken!  Right after the ceremony we headed over to the studio, right next door from The Cortez in Weslaco.  While at the studio…we had a huge Thunderstorm hit our area.  Streets were flooded and they could not leave the studio.  Thank God the reception was right next door.  My dad brought his car in through the back, had Disa & Mike hop on and drove them next door to the reception hall.  Well both Disa and Mike were drenched, but it certainly did not bring their spirits down….IT WAS THEIR WEDDING DAY!  We had tons of fun and got some great shots.  Here are just a few from that day.

IMG_2900 IMG_2941 IMG_2999 IMG_3005 IMG_3028 IMG_3078


Daniel Aguilar said...

Que buenas Kike! Cada vez mejorando mas y mas! A darle..

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