Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Maribel & Alex Wedding Sneak – Peek

I had the awesome opportunity of covering this lovely couple’s wedding that took place at The Deering Estate in Miami. The wedding was coordinated and catered by Jose and Raquel Salcedo from Exquisite Productions in Miami. I had a blast with the couple & the guests. Here are just a few of the pics of that day. More to come very soon!

IMG_0031 IMG_0148 IMG_0333 IMG_0395 IMG_0397 IMG_0411 IMG_0573 IMG_0588 IMG_0603

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maribel & Alex e-session in Key Biscayne

Well last night (actually this morning 1:45am…I think) when I posted the e-session I totally left out all the pics that we made at Key Biscayne, The Rusty Pelican to be exact.  Sorry guys it was my bad, but here are some of my favorite pics from this location.

 IMG_3298 IMG_3299IMG_3309 IMG_3301 IMG_3305 IMG_3308

Trio Live – Rehearsal

The night after arriving to Miami I was “invited” to watch this band rehearse.  My buddy Neto Guerrero is one of the members, he plays keyboards.  George plays the drums, Eddie plays the base, & Javi plays guitar and is the lead singer. Guys I just want to thank you for letting me shoot some pics while your were practicing…I hope you enjoy. 

IMG_3067 IMG_3071 IMG_3078 IMG_3089 IMG_3100 IMG_3144 IMG_3157 IMG_3169

Maribel & Alex E-Session in Miami

I had the pleasure of going out to take this lovely and fun couple’s wedding. Its my second time in Miami, and we went to spectacular places. We started off the session in The Rusty Pelican which is in Key Biscayne. Beautiful restaurant with an awesome view of Miami. We then headed to The Biltmore Hotel where we spent the rest of the afternoon. This hotel was awesome! Maribel & Alex, thank you guys for being such a beautiful couple and for letting me come and “play” with you guys! I had a great time!

IMG_3366 IMG_3466 IMG_3473 IMG_3542 IMG_3595