Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bridget & Javier’s TTD (Trash the Dress) – Preview

First off I want to thank both Bridget and Javier for accepting to do this session, it had been a session I wanted to do with a bride & groom, but most couples just didn’t want to go for it. You guys were awesome! Thanks for heading out to South Padre Island with me and the crew (Asrid Alonso, Raymond Ponce, and Efren Gutierrez from Maeva films…a video will soon follow). We all really had a blast!! Hope you enjoy this preview.

IMG_0704 IMG_0740IMG_0953IMG_0956 IMG_0854


Javier Sanchez said...

Enrique, the pics look awesome so far, and i want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for being apart of our wedding and for letting us be the first couple to "Trash the dress", your work is magnificent and will be truly memorable for bridget and I. Great job kike!!!!

Bridget said...

Kike these pictures are amazing so far. Javier and I can not wait for the finishing results! To all the brides to be out there I truly recommend utilizing Enrique's fantastic, crazy, yet always fun ideas and get your dress TRASHED! It was so much fun and is completly worth it, so what if it is a dry cleaning expense; it is the fact that they are forever cherished moments that will always not only be remembered but captured! Enrique is a brillant professional and knows how to utilize the environment to truly capture remarkable 'live action' moments. Thank you again Enrigue for making our wedding DEFINITELY one to remember! Love you Javier..feo!!

Loopz said...

Simply da bessssst!!! =D

Kike Alonzo said...

Thanks guys, I really had alot of fun doing this pics!! You guys rock!

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