Monday, May 31, 2010

Ana & Rob Preview



IMG_0104 IMG_0107  IMG_0204 IMG_0232IMG_0114


Cristy said...

Amigo, por donde empezar? WOW. The pictures are amazing. Far beyond my expectations to say the least. I am glad that you covered our wedding and even more thankful for having you as my friend. You don't know how grateful we are. Job more than well done!!!

Robuilt said...

I knew you took great pictures. That was a given. But the way you do things, the touches you add really sets apart the experience. I can't believe how great they are. They bring me back and make me remember. You have great vision and you made our experience last a lifetime. I can't wait to see the rest! These are more than just photos, they are memories that I can see, smell, and live again over and over again! Thank you!

OzMa said...

excelentes fotografias kike tu estilo empieza a naCer completamente
muchas felicidades y eso ke hiciste con la lampara y los zapatos estuvo de lujo. te luciste.

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