Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trio Live – Rehearsal

The night after arriving to Miami I was “invited” to watch this band rehearse.  My buddy Neto Guerrero is one of the members, he plays keyboards.  George plays the drums, Eddie plays the base, & Javi plays guitar and is the lead singer. Guys I just want to thank you for letting me shoot some pics while your were practicing…I hope you enjoy. 

IMG_3067 IMG_3071 IMG_3078 IMG_3089 IMG_3100 IMG_3144 IMG_3157 IMG_3169


Sergio Ruiz said...

You rock my friend!...muy chidas las pics, felicidades, no todo es trabajo en Miami..

george said...

Great work Kike. =)

Kike Alonzo said...

Sergio, gracias! Tienes razon, no todo es trabajo.

Kike Alonzo said...

Thanks George!

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