Monday, June 29, 2009

Melissa’s Sneak Peak

This past weekend I did Melissa’s session.  It was a day where I received a weather alert saying that it was going to be really hot and to make sure to drink plenty of liquids if you were to be outside.  Needless to say, IT WAS A VERY HOT DAY!  So I made sure we had plenty of Gatorade and we went out to do the session.  Melissa was a good sport and did not complain about the heat.  Thank you Melissa for being such a great sport!


IMG_9244 IMG_9070 IMG_9171


Anonymous said...

the pics look great i like all of them.. I had a fun time..It was veryyy hoot outside but i think we pull it off goood.. :)

Anonymous said...

I was a great Sport. :)))

Hussey Photography said...

Can't wait to see more! your work is awesome!!


Kike Alonzo said...

Thanks Melissa I'm glad you liked them!

Tim, thanks for the comments, I really appreciate them.

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